What People Say

“Kate is a lovely and caring coach. She gives you a very individualized YOU centered coaching experience. Many coaches will coach you based on what they think is best for you. Instead, Kate lets you decide what is best for you by asking thought-provoking questions and reflecting back to you, so you can come up with answers from within. She’s a great listener and coach. She helps you stay on track with your goals. I look forward to working with her again in the future. Thank you, Kate!” 

~ Jen Schwartz

“Working with Kate has been a wonderful experience. I felt heard as we moved through our sessions, and Kate supported me along the way with empathetic wisdom. Her questions opened up pathways and ways of thinking about problems that lent ease to their solutions. I appreciate her whole-life approach to coaching, with the ability to focus on specific areas as needed. My professional life is moving much more smoothly, and I’ve been able to also focus on other creative pursuits with Kate’s coaching. I truly appreciate the support, keen awareness and guidance she brought to each session.”

~ Trisha McCaul

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