What is Coaching & How Coaching is different from Consulting or Counseling.

How is Coaching different from Consulting or Counseling?

A consultant is generally a subject matter expert that has been brought on to help facilitate what is needed either with a client, a company or a group of people. Consultants give specialized advice typically in business and financial matters.

Counselors look at specific issues or a problem for issues or abuse. They have a direction or a plan that they, the counselor are trying to take a client in. Therapy may be needed to deal with abuse or to get a client from surviving to thriving. The industries definition of counseling is the Diagnosis and treatment of mental illness, imbalance or instability.

As a Coach, I don’t diagnose or treat mental or physical illness. When clients come to me they are generally in a thriving lifestyle and are ready to grow in the areas of their life to become happier and more successful.

I deal with the psychology of human potential. I honor the client as the expert in his or her life and work. Instead of leading the client as a counselor does, The client leads the direction of our time together and they bring the item they want to discuss to our session. The Client tells me what they want to receive out of the session and I keep the session going in that direction using thought provoking questions, noticing body language, shifts in the client and more until the client has reached the goal of the session or tells me they want to change directions.

So unlike consulting, where the consultant is the expert, coaching through the ICF definition “honors the client as the expert in his/her life and work.” The client knows themselves best, I don’t know them like they know themselves and through masterful questioning the coach allows the client to grow their self-awareness and to realize their own answers.

In conclusion, I hope that this explanation helps you to understand the difference between coaching, consulting, and counseling and how coaching can benefit you or someone you know. If you are interested in trying out a session with me, I offer a complimentary coaching session where I go into more detail about what the coach and client expectations are, we’ll get to know each other more in the session, you’ll answer a brief questionnaire and then experience a mini-coaching session that may be between 20-30 minutes in length.

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