5 Reasons to Hire a Life Coach

I am an integrative coach in training. What does that mean? That means I am training to receive my PCC credential from an accredited coaching institute. My credential is considered to be equivalent to a master’s degree and will be credentialed by the International Coach Federation. As an integrative coach I “partner with my clients […]

What is Coaching & How Coaching is different from Consulting or Counseling.

How is Coaching different from Consulting or Counseling? A consultant is generally a subject matter expert that has been brought on to help facilitate what is needed either with a client, a company or a group of people. Consultants give specialized advice typically in business and financial matters. Counselors look at specific issues or a […]

Hi, I’m Kate!

Hello! I am Kate Ashton and I am an Integrative Life Coach through the accredited Institute of Integrative Life Coaching! I have been working towards becoming a coach all of my life. Did I know this the whole time? No, but every step I took got me closer to the day I had the opportunity […]