Before coaching and opening up my own online businesses, I received a BFA from East Carolina University (ECU). While attending ECU, my desire to help others allowed me to explore many different fields including psychology, family and community services, social work, and Marriage and Family Therapy. I wasn’t satisfied with any of them as a career so I pressed on.

All along the way, I listened to self-defeating negative thoughts that held me back in so many ways, some included: closing a business that was likely to be very profitable, not pursuing the degree I wanted, not pursuing voice lessons, not having confidence in myself, and the list goes on. I was determined to change and started buying every book I could on confidence and negative thoughts. Practicing what I learned made the biggest impact in my life and I knew I had to share it with others but I didn’t know-how. 

While working for a Coaching Institute, The Institute of Integrative Coach Training (IICT), I found that I loved how integrative coaching looked at a person as a whole person. Integrative coaching clients are the expert of their life, and we believe that every client is creative, resourceful, and whole. I decided then and there that coaching was going to be a future career. 

When Covid hit us in the US, I lost almost every client I had and decided it was time to pivot into coaching when I had a wonderful opportunity to train at IICT. During this time of pivoting, I realized that I could help people with the very thing I struggled with for years: unhooking self-defeating thoughts, reducing doubt and worry, building confidence, resilience, and goal achievement! 

Are you ready to move from being stuck, unhook those self-defeating thoughts, and build confidence so you can reach your full potential?

Do you want to stop doubting yourself, worry less, have more confidence, achieve more goals, and love yourself more?

Do you lack self-confidence, self-love, and find negative thoughts that are hindering you from making progress towards your life and business goals?

I know what you are going through, it was my reality for years too!

Let’s partner together to unhook those negative thoughts, build your confidence, and self-love so you can sculpt the thriving life and flourishing business you desire.

I help resourceful and creative business professionals realize they have more potential and can lead a life separate from negative thoughts that is full of resiliency, self-love, ease, and confidence.

I do this by partnering with my clients in discovering how they can shift from believing negative thoughts to being unhooked from them, from not knowing their capabilities to understanding and self-awareness which helps them to build resilience and confidence. 

I coach using the Integrative Coaching model that looks at the whole person, uses all of their talents, successes in life, and builds upon them to positively affect every area of a person’s life.